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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Back

Membership Policies

Policy on CD-ROMs which accompany books
  1. A CD-ROM accompanying a book can only be borrowed out together with the book. This will be considered two loans. However, a member can choose to borrow only the book.
  2. A separate reservation can be placed for the book. However, the CD-ROM cannot be reserved separately. In both cases, it's considered one reservation and the member only needs to pay $1.55 (including GST).
  3. CD-ROM must be renewed together with the book.
  4. CD-ROM must always be returned together with the book.

Fines for Overdue Items
Daily Fine : $0.15 cents per day for each overdue book and magazine.
Suspension : Borrowing privileges will be suspended if accumulated fines reach $6.00.

Lost or Damaged Items
Administration Fee : Members will be charged an administration fee of $5.15 (inclusive of 3% GST), and the replacement cost of the damaged or lost item.
Replacement Cost : The replacement cost for lost or damaged video or CD-ROM casing is $1.03 (inclusive of 3% GST).
RFID Tag Fee : An additional fee of $1.85 (inclusive of 3% GST) is charged for each item with the NLB property tag (Radio Frequency ID tag).

Lost Membership Card
Always report the loss of your membership card or NRIC to the library immediately. This will prevent anyone from using your card. Otherwise, you will have to pay for any fines incurred on items that were borrowed and/or not returned using your lost card.

You can report the loss of your card via the Report Loss of Card form. Note that you will be held responsible for any outstanding library materials borrowed under your card before you report the loss of your library card.

Card Replacement Fee     :     $5.00 replacement fee for adults.
$1.00 replacement fee for children.

Change of Address
Notify the library immediately in person, in writing or via the Report Change of Address form when you have moved.

Via Online Change of Address Form
If you update us about the change via the online form, remember to bring the following along with you when you next visit the library:

  • Your NRIC or parent's NRIC (for children below 15 years of age).
  • Or other official documents which bear the new address.
Via Post
When you notify the library of your change of address by post, include a photocopy of your membership card and NRIC, or other official documentation (for example, your passport).

Please return your membership card when you resign or you will have to pay a levy of $5.00. Do bring along your NRIC/passport or other supporting documents for identification purposes.