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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Back

Reservation of Items
What are NLB's policies on reservation of items?

Reservation Quota
Each member can reserve a maximum of two items.
Reference items cannot be reserved.

Reservation Fee
$1.55 (including 3% GST) for each reserved item.

Pick-up Alert
Member will be informed by post when the items are available.

Uncollected Items
Reservation fee will still be charged for uncollected items.

Waiting period for reserved item
Generally, members will not have to wait for more than a week after the item's due date. However, sometimes there may be a delay as the item may not have been returned by the loan due date.

Cancelling a reservation
You can only cancel the reserved item before it is assigned to you by ' calling up the pick-up branch. Once a reserved item has been assigned (staff, system, and administrative costs have already been incurred), the reservation fee of $1.55 will have to be borne by the member.

Online Reservation Process
  1. Search the Catalogue to check the item's availability.
  2. Select the `Reserve' option. Then key in the required personal information on the subsequent screen.
  3. Select the library from which you wish to pick up the item. This library will notify you by post once the reserved item is available.
  4. Click the `Place Reservation' button.
  5. Note that reservation charges are debited to your account, the moment the item is allocated to you.

Reserving an item from NLB's Repository Used Book Collection
`Repository Used Book Collection' is a collection located in NLB's warehouse. If the item is not a reference book (R), it can be reserved online. You can select the library from which you wish to pick up the book. There is a reservation charge of $1.55 per book.

Alternatively, you could also go to the library and make a reservation. Once ready, the book will be sent from the warehouse to the library of your choice for pick up.

If it is a reference (R) book, you will need to visit the National Reference Library (NRL) to make a reservation. You will be alerted when the book has been delivered to NRL, for your perusal at the NRL's premises.