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Reminder Service

This exclusive service reminds you to return borrowed items on time.

Conditions for using this service.

(A)  You need an Internet Email account or a Fax machine to use this service.
(B)  You will not receive any reminder:
  • if you provide an invalid email address or fax number.
  • if you have changed your email address.(Please sign up again for the reminder service.)
  • if you are no longer a member.
  • if your mailbox is full.
(C)  The Overdue Policy:
  • The Reminder Service only sends reminders up to the due date. It does not send reminders after due date.
  • The Reminder Service is an additional benefit to members. Absence of a reminder is not a valid reason for a waiver of fines.
To access this service, simply enter your NRIC No.(or Birth Certificate) or FIN.
  • NRIC (or Birth Certificate) number (S1234567X or T1234567X)
  • FIN number (F1234567X or G1234567X)
NRIC (or Birth Certificate) or FIN No.