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How to search:

  1. Enter your keyword/s in the Search box.
  2. If there is more than one keyword, select either "all", "any word" or "exact phrase".

    • To search reports that contain all keywords, tick "all".
    • To search reports that contain either of the keywords, tick "any word".
    • To search reports that contain only the keywords entered, tick "exact phrase".

  1. Tick the search qualifiers that you want searched. Titles of reports will automatically be searched if you do not make a selection.

    Search qualifiers

    Scope and meaning


    The title of the material, including any subtitles


    Person/s or corporate entity responsible for the work


    The name of the publisher/publishing company


    Subject headings to describe the content based on Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)


    A description or summary of the report

    Table of Content

    Table of contents of a report, if available


    Language of the report

  2. Enter the date period you wish to be searched in the Date boxes (Optional). This will search the date of publication of the reports. Enter in YYYY-MM-DD format.

    Eg. 2003-09-31

    If you do not have a month or day in mind, enter only the year i.e. YYYY

    Eg. 2003

    If you have a month in mind, enter the year and month i.e. YYYY-MM

    Eg. 2003-09

    5) Select the Type of Report that you need (Optional).

  3. "Submit" your request.
  4. The keyword/s found will be highlighted in the listing of reports found and the description of each report.

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How to browse:

For easy browsing, reports are grouped into subject categories as depicted on the left-hand frame.

These subject categories are categorized further into sub-categories depending on the level of detail of the subject covered in the reports.

 For eg.

Food and Beverage





Search listing:
Clicking on a subject category or sub-category will bring a listing of all reports that exist under the term. 

Report details:
Clicking on a report within a search listing will give the report details, containing a full description of the report including abstracts and table of contents.

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Report details:

Report detail provides full description of a report, including:

  • Title of the report
  • Author of the report
  • Type of report i.e. the nature of content of the report such as whether it is a Research Report, a Company Profile or a People Profile
  • Price of the report
  • Publisher and publication date
  • Subject
  • File format for eg. pdf, msword
  • File size
  • Language that the report is written in
  • Table of contents
  • Abstract or a short summary of the report

At the bottom of the page:

Click on: "Report/Browse Listing" if you wish to go back to the display of all titles found.

Click on: "Add to Cart" if you wish to purchase the report.

As we need your details in order to process your purchase, please sign in.  If you have never registered, please sign up as a new visitor 

If you have already registered and have signed in with your ID and password, upon clicking Add to Cart, a pop-up box will announce that you have successfully added the report to your list of purchase items.  The screen will then bring you back to the Search Listing page in order for you to select any further reports for purchase.

Click on: "View Cart" if you wish to see the items you have purchased so far.  You can view your purchases at any time while browsing, searching or viewing the report listing and details by clicking on the shopping basket icon at the top right-hand corner of the page.

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View Cart:

View Cart displays the reports that you have added to your shopping cart so far.  You can view your purchases at any time while browsing, searching or viewing the report listing and details by clicking on the shopping basket icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. 

The View Cart page is made up of two sections:

1.       Order Details  

2.       Customer Details 

Order Details: The report you have selected and its price will be displayed under Order Details.  You can add or remove any report selected so far by clicking on the tick box under Add/Remove. 

Indicate the number of copies you wish to purchase under Quantity.  The total amount will be displayed accordingly.  Purchases made in Singapore currency will include the goods and services tax (GST).

Customer Details: The details that you entered upon registration will be displayed here.  If they are not correct, you can amend them by clicking on the Update Personal Profile button at the bottom of the page.

Click on: "Checkout" to proceed to Payment.

Click on: "Clear Cart" to clear all items in your shopping cart.

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Order Form:

The order form contains your final confirmed order for purchase.  It contains your personal information to facilitate your purchase transaction and the details of your order.

Click on: "Proceed" to make your Payment.

Click on: "Cancel Order" to cancel your order.

Upon proceeding, you will be brought to a Payment Information page where you will need to select your payment method.

There are 3 payment methods:

1.       Prepaid Account  

2.       Credit Card   

3.       Cash Card

If you are not a Singaporean or an NLB member, we recommend that you pay using credit card.

A pre-paid account is an account for payment of NLB products and services.  You can create this account at any branch library of the National Library Board using your cash card.

You may want to print this form for your records.  Upon completing your payment, there will be a Payment Confirmation Transaction page which you can also print for your records.   If you have any enquiries on your order, please email [email protected]

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What are my China Reports?

This is a list of reports that you have purchased from the China Infomall. 

The reports are accessible to you for the duration of one week from the date of purchase.  You may view, download or print the report within this period.  The Expiry Date is the date and time when the report you purchased would no longer be accessible.

Click on Launch Report in order to view, download or print the report.  Internet access is needed for you to launch your report.

Use of the reports is governed by copyright law.  Each report is strictly copyright and any reproduction in any form whatsoever is prohibited. No part of each report may be reproduced, copied, stored in an electronic retrieval system or transmitted without written permission or in accordance with the provisions of the copyright act.

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