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Internet Resources

Here is a list of links to useful resources on the Internet, grouped under the various categories. To access these sites, simply click on any of the categories.

You may also search for a specific Internet item by clicking on 'Search Internet Resources'.

41 Adflip
(Business & Finance)

Reminisce over the ads from the past? Check out this website. Get inspiration for your advertising or publicity posters by reliving the pop culture of the past. Billing itself as the "largest archive of classic print ads," the layout of Adflip exudes the fun and attitude of today’s generation. The archive contains mostly magazine ads from the 1940s to the present day.

42 Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL)
(Health & Fitness)

Resource information on teen health issues can be found on this website. It is a collection of resources on mental health, health and risk issues. Topics range from attention deficit, panic disorders, adolescence development, psychological well being of teens to alcohol and drugs, obesity, AIDS and acne.

43 Adoption.com
(Home & Family)

A very good resource for those that are considering adoption. Support can be found in the form of groups, chat and informative articles.

44 Adventure Cycling Association

The Adventure Cycling Association introduces bicycling routes and tours across America on this website. Maps on bicycling routes can be bought online at this site. Essential tips on bicycle maintenance, what to take and pack and even how to read cycling maps are useful for the ultimate cycling adventure. The website also compares and evaluates equipment like bikes, brakes and clothing suitable for different bicycling tours.

45 Adventure Sports Journal

This is an electronic journal featuring write-ups on adventure sports, such as kayaking, mountain biking and climbing in the northern California area. If you think you are never going to have a real adventure perhaps you can read and imagine that you are there.

46 Aesop’s Fables: Online Collection

A very extensive collection of the familiar and not-so-familiar fables in this online version. You can choose to either read or listen to the stories, a good way to introduce them to beginner readers.

47 Aesthetics On-Line
(Arts & Humanities)

This is the website of the American Society for Aesthetics (ASA). It is for anyone interested in the arts, art criticism or theory, or the philosophy of art. A collection of articles and reviews reproduced from recent issues of the ASA Newsletter can be found on this website. There are also links to other Aesthetics societies around the world.

48 Affairs-Help
(Home & Family)

This website will help any of the three parties - the husband, wife, or lover - involved understand the underlying motivations for deviation. There is a self-assessment exercise so you can determine what the motivation could be. Simple and honest facts are presented in this website.

49 Agatha Christie The Official Online Home

If you are an Agatha Christie fan, bookmark this. Agatha Christie is the world’s best-known mystery author. This website provides background information about her books, plays, short stories and the film and television adaptations of her work. The site also includes a short biography, anecdotes and essays about her detectives.

50 Aikido.com

A resource for Aikido, this website provides information on the history and founder of Aikido, training, techniques, teaching, language and more. It also allows you to do a dojo search, provides you with database on seminars, books and videos listing. Links to other Aikido organizations, publications, equipment and supplies can also be found here.

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